PhD supervisees

  • Miriam Hänni, “Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities: Causes and Consequences of Descriptive and Substantive Representation”, 2011-2015
  • Karima Bousbah, “Putting young citizens’ political participation into context”, 2011-2016
  • Lea Heyne, “A citizen’s perspective to the quality of democracy”, 2013-2017
  • Sophia Limpach Hänni, “Aid Modalities and Accountability Relationships: The Impact of Different Types of World Bank and IMF Programs on Democratization in Developing Countries” , 2007-2019 (co-supervisor since 2013, jointly with Frank Schimmelfennig)
  • Livia Rohrbach, “Does Territorial Self-Governance in Multi-Ethnic States Inevitably Lead to Violent Conflict and Disintegration?”, 2016-2020.


MA supervisees

- Miloš Pavković, "Elections in the Age of Pandemic: How Government Parties Score in the Times of COVID-19?" (2021)

- Adnan Smajić, "Behavior of Domestic Political Elites in Imposed Consociational Arrangements: Failures of External Conditionality in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (2021)

- Alexandru Ceclan, "Between Friends or Foes: The Case of the Hungarian Revisionist Foreign Policy Towards Romania" (2021)

- Willa Catherine Davis, "Analyzing the Effects of Capitalist Diversity and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis on the Rise of Populist Radical-Right Parties in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania " (2020)

- Guido Panzano, "Political regimes in plural societies : institutions and performance of majoritarian and power-sharing democracy in ethnically divided countries" (2020)

- Zorana Dimitrijević, "Femopopulism : discursive instrumentalization of women's rights in the populist rhetoric of the Serbian Progressive Party" (2020)

- Muhammad Adil Zahoor, "Social Movements in Hybrid Regimes: The Case of Pashtun Tahafuz (protection) Movement of Pakistan (PTM)" (2020)

- Muhammad Umair Khalid, "Valence Populism in Pakistan: Making Sense of Imran Khan’s Ideological Cluelessness" (2020)

- Stefan Stojković, "Party competition and public demand after the financial crisis : radical right parties in established democracies" (2019)

- Arslan Akanov, "Control comes first : authoritarian politics in Soviet Kazakhstan" (2019)

- Wouter Torbeyns, "Identity in the Presevo valley, a qualitative research on young people's experiences" (2019)

- Palmo Brunner, "Protesting electoral faҫades. Contention as a way toward more electoral quality in non-democratic regimes" (2016)

- Lisa Greminger, "Combining political and economic power sharing for sustainable peace" (2016)

- Alexander Heimgartner, "The Wrong Oil in the Democratic Gearbox? The Perverse Effects of Abundant Natural Resources on Democratic Institutions, Values and Civil Liberties" (2016)

- Valentina Petrović, "A Structuralist Perspective on the Nature of the Regime in the MENA Region" (2016)

- Livia Rohrbach, “Formal and informal territorial power sharing arrangements – an impediment to peace?” (2016)

- Nicole Kaiser, "Non-electoral political participation of immigrants" (2013)
The MA thesis was awarded with the prize for the best MA thesis in Political Science at the University of Zurich, 2014.

- Aleksandra Hiltmann, "The impact of political and social inclusion on the quality of refugee and IDP return in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (2015)
The MA thesis was awarded with the prize for the best MA thesis in Political Science at the University of Zurich, 2015.

- Andreas Juon, "Post-Conflict Power-Sharing and Democracy: Short-Term 'Cure' with Long-Term 'Side Effects'? (2015)

- Qendresa Hoxha, "Power-Sharing als Konfliktmanagement" (2015)

- Nathalie Faoro, "Political Attitudes of Immigrants" (2015)

- Isabelle Piccand, "Roma-Diskriminierung und politische Partizipation - zwischen 'Mobilisierung' und 'Aktivierung' in den postkommunistischen Ländern" (2014)

- Rui Biagini, "Die Repräsentation ethnischer Minderheiten in vergleichender Perspektive" (2014)

- Claudia Gabi, „Proteste in der arabischen Welt“ (2013)

- Isabelle Jost „The normative commitment to democracy in Mexico – influences and effects“ (2013)

- Gorančo Pandurski, "Power-sharing in Mazedonien – Probleme und Chancen" (2013)

- Amanda Salamina, „Bedeutungslose Wahlen in Pendlergemeinden? Eine empirische Untersuchung der Mobilität und Wahlbeteiligung in Schweizer Gemeinden “ (2013)

- Michael Schlatter, "The Russian Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Building Peace or Preserving the Status Quo?" (2016)

- Philipp Schüepp, "The Economy of Hybrid Systems. The Influence of Politics on the Economy of Countries between Democracy and Autocracy" (2013)

- Sibel Opuz: "Der Einfluss der Kin States auf die Toleranz von Minderheiten" (defended in June 2014)

- Sebastian Fust, „Klientelismus in der Lateinamerikanischen Parteienlandschaft. Beweggründe für eine klientelistische Mobilisierung“ (2014)

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