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Supervision of PhD students


- Miriam Hänni (2011 - 2015), now at the University of Konstanz

"The Quality of Representation in Plural Societies. An analysis of the causes and consequences of policy responsiveness towards ethnic minorities"
University of Zurich, Doctoral Program of the NCCR Democracy

The thesis was awarded with the prize for the best PhD thesis in Political Science at the University of Zurich, 2016.

(Related to the Democracy Barometer project)

- Karima Bousbah (2011 - 2016)
"Putting young citizens' political participation into context. An analysis of the role of socioeconomic and political context factors"
University of Zurich, Doctoral Program of the NCCR Democracy
(Related to the Democracy Barometer project)

- Lea Heyne (2013-2017)

“Support for which kind of democracy? What European citizens want from their democracies, and why they are (dis)satisfied”
University of Zurich, Doctoral Program of the NCCR Democracy

Ongoing PhD projects


- Sophia Limpach

Working title: Aid Modalities and Accountability Relationships: The Impact of Different Types of World Bank and IMF Programs on Democratization in Developing Countries.

- Livia Rohrbach (2016-)

Working title: Territorial Self-Government in Multi-Ethnic States: How to Avoid Violent Conflict and Disintegration


Second reader (member of PhD committee)

Completed PhD projects

Member of the dissertation committee of:
- Dr. Danijela Dolenec, ETH Zurich, 2011 - Title "Power to prey: obstacles to democratization in Southeastern Europe"

- Dr. Ulrike G. Theuerkauf, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2012 - Title "Ethno-Embedded Institutionalism: The Impact of Institutional Repertoires on Ethnic Violence"

- Dr. Edina Szöcsik, ETH Zurich, 2012 - "Ethnic Minority Parties in Competition"

- Dr. Rasmus Fonnesbæk Andersen, University of Copenhagen, 2017 - “Culture and Institutions: Studying Subnational Regimes, Immigrants and Moving Borders”

- Dr. Dušan Vučićević, University of Belgrade, 2017 - "Političke Posledice Mešovitih Izbornih Sistema"


Supervision of MA students

Check the (very preliminary) planning for MA thesis supervision for CEU students in Nationalism Studies 2018/2019.

First contact: please send me your proposed topic, information about relevant courses, which you attended (topic-wise, and methodology), and your first ideas of methods you want to work with. Enrol here for an office hour.


Completed MA theses

- Palmo Brunner, "Protesting electoral faҫades. Contention as a way toward more electoral quality in non-democratic regimes" (defended June 2016)

- Lisa Greminger, "Combining political and economic power sharing for sustainable peace" (defended June 2016)

- Alexander Heimgartner, "The Wrong Oil in the Democratic Gearbox? The Perverse Effects of Abundant Natural Resources on Democratic Institutions, Values and Civil Liberties" (defended June 2016)

- Valentina Petrović, "A Structuralist Perspective on the Nature of the Regime in the MENA Region" (defended June 2016)

- Livia Rohrbach, “Formal and informal territorial power sharing arrangements – an impediment to peace?” (defended June 2016)

- Nicole Kaiser, "Non-electoral political participation of immigrants" (defended in July 2013)
The MA thesis was awarded with the prize for the best MA thesis in Political Science at the University of Zurich, 2014. Read the summary of the thesis in the CIS News.

- Aleksandra Hiltmann, "The impact of political and social inclusion on the quality of refugee and IDP return in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (defended June 2015)
The MA thesis was awarded with the prize for the best MA thesis in Political Science at the University of Zurich, 2015.

- Andreas Juon, "Post-Conflict Power-Sharing and Democracy: Short-Term 'Cure' with Long-Term 'Side Effects'? (defended September 2015)

- Qendresa Hoxha, "Power-Sharing als Konfliktmanagement" (defended June 2015)

- Nathalie Faoro, "Political Attitudes of Immigrants" (defended April 2015)

- Isabelle Piccand, "Roma-Diskriminierung und politische Partizipation - zwischen 'Mobilisierung' und 'Aktivierung' in den postkommunistischen Ländern" (defended September 2014)

- Rui Biagini, "Die Repräsentation ethnischer Minderheiten in vergleichender Perspektive" (defended September 2014)

- Claudia Gabi, „Proteste in der arabischen Welt “ (defended in June 2013)

- Isabelle Jost „The normative commitment to democracy in Mexico – influences and effects“ (defended in June 2013)

- Gorančo Pandurski, "Power-sharing in Mazedonien – Probleme und Chancen" (defended in March 2013)

- Amanda Salamina, „Bedeutungslose Wahlen in Pendlergemeinden? Eine empirische Untersuchung der Mobilität und Wahlbeteiligung in Schweizer Gemeinden “ (defended in June 2013)

- Michael Schlatter, "The Russian Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Building Peace or Preserving the Status Quo?" (defended in September 2016)

- Philipp Schüepp, "The Economy of Hybrid Systems. The Influence of Politics on the Economy of Countries between Democracy and Autocracy" (defended in June 2013)

- Sibel Opuz: "Der Einfluss der Kin States auf die Toleranz von Minderheiten" (defended in June 2014)

- Sebastian Fust, „Klientelismus in der Lateinamerikanischen Parteienlandschaft. Beweggründe für eine klientelistische Mobilisierung“ (defended in June 2014)






  Last update: 15 December 2017