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Working papers

Working paper series
Working papers and conference papers





Working paper series

Bochsler, Daniel. 2009. "Can the Internet Increase Political Participation? An Analysis of Remote Electronic Voting's Effect on Turnout." In DISC Working Paper. Budapest.
CEU-DISC Working Paper 2009/08
Bochsler, Daniel. 2007. "How Proportional are Mixed Compensatory Electoral Systems? Determining the Necessary Share of Compensation Mandates in Mixed Systems." In Symposium: Democracy and Its Development. Paper G07-01. Center for the Study of Democracy, Irvine. 248kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2006. "Electoral engineering and inclusion of ethnic groups. How to integrate ethnic minorities into Central and Eastern European institutions." Compasss working paper, 2006-38.
204 kB

Working papers and conference papers (selection)

Willumsen, David, Miriam Hänni, and Daniel Bochsler. 2013. "Political competition in a multi-dimensional space." Paper presented at the EPSA Annual Meeting, 20-22 June 2013, Barcelona.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2011. "Political representation in evenly split polities." Paper presented at the Congress of the Francophone Political Science Associations, Brussels, 20‐22 April 2011.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2011. "Contestation in multi‐level party systems with institutional
constraints: A look at ethnically divided countries in Central and Eastern Europe." Paper presented at the 16th Annual ASN World Convention, New York, 14‐16 April 2011.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2011. "Ethnic party competition in divided societies. The ethnic-nationalist dimension of elections in Central and Eastern Europe." Paper presented at EPSA Conference 2011, Dublin, 16‐18 June 2011.
Bochsler, Daniel, and Simon Hug. 2009. "How minorities fare under referendums: a cross-national study." Paper presented at the ECPR 5th General Conference, 10-12 September, Potsdam.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2009. "Testing V. O. Key in Serbia: The Mediating Effect of Ethnic Context on Electoral System Effects on Support for Ethnic Radicalism." Paper presented at the conference 'Reforming the French Presidential Election System', 15-16 June, Paris.  
Sikk, Allan, and Daniel Bochsler. 2008. "Impact of ethnic heterogeneity on party nationalisation in the Baltic states." Paper presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions, 12-16 April , Rennes.
412 kB
Bochsler, Daniel, and Sergiu Gherghina. 2008. "The shakedown of the urban-rural division in post-communist Romanian party politics." Paper presented at the BASEES Annual Conference, 29-31 March 2008, Cambridge.
273 kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2007. "Local politics and intra-ethnic party competition: Multi-party systems among ethnic minorities in Central and Eastern Europe." Paper presented at the 4th ECPR General Conference, Pisa, 6-8 September.
248 kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2007. Umbrellas and rainbows – the early development of party systems in new European democracies." Paper presented at the 8th Postgraduate Conference on Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, Brno, 28-30 June.
240 kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2007. "The spread of the ethnic/nationalist divide over post-communist Europe." Paper presented at the Symposium "Post-communist social and political conflicts: citizenship and consolidation in new democracies of South East Europe" at the New Europe College, Bucharest, 1-3 June . 217kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2006. "When electoral engineering could be its own goal: Evidence on centripetalism from municipal elections in Serbia." Paper presented at the 1st ECPR Graduate Conference, Essex, 7-9 September. 135kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2006. "Large-n QCA or logistic regression? A methodological experiment to explain formation of ethnic minority parties." Paper presented at the 1st ECPR Graduate Conference, Essex, 7-9 September. 198kB
Bochsler, Daniel. 2005. "Biproportionale Wahlverfahren für den Schweizer Nationalrat. Modellrechnungen für die Nationalratswahlen 2003". Universität Augsburg.


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